SB 1273 – Animal Law

On May 10, 2012, Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1273 into law.  The bill cut the required number of days that greyhounds are made to race from 200 to 100 per year.  While 100 days of greyhound racing is 100 too many, Arizona has taken a positive step in the right direction, albeit the bill was not presented to improve the lives of greyhounds; it was submitted as a business bill.  Because of the result, individuals with a heartbeat may rejoice.  Our regal friends are safer today than they were yesterday.    Good job Governor Brewer.  Responsible treatment and animal ownership is important, and we should all take action and make decisions that foster responsible ownership and treatment of animals, and we should hold those we fail to behave responsibly accountable.

Attorney Randal Hutson was a member of the Animal Law Group during law school at the Oklahoma City University School of Law and loves animals.  He has performed legal services to benefit dogs and has raised money that has been donated to an Italian Greyhound Rescue organization.  Randal is proud to have three dogs in his home.

Randal Hutson recognizes that there are no bad dogs, but there are plenty of bad dog owners.  Those who fail to properly care for and/or train their dogs should be held accountable for the actions when the animals attack.  Randal Hutson is an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney at The Hutson Law Firm and Represents Dog Bite Victims.  One of the best way to care for our beloved animals is to work to ensure that they are properly cared for and loved.

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