The Hutson Law Firm wishes everyone a Happy July 4th holiday.  If you will be traveling, please take a look at the safety precautions suggested by the National Safety Council to avoid auto accidents. Have fun, but be careful!

July 4th weekend might be the deadliest in years for drivers according to a study of auto accident data.  To avoid being injured in an auto accident, please see the following tips:
1. Buckle up. Seatbelts are expected to save 155 lives during the three-day holiday, and another 99 Americans would be saved if they also buckled up, the NSC estimated;
2. And place children in appropriate safety seats, something that is credited with saving 100s of young lives a year.
3. Reduce your speed. More speeding-related fatalities occur during summer months;
4. Avoid distracted driving behavior, like using a cellphone or texting while behind the wheel;
5. And, of course, don’t drink and drive. Driving under the influence is the single largest cause of motor vehicle fatalities.

This information appeared in an article on MSNBC.  To read the full article, see:


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