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The Hutson Law Firm charges only customary and reasonable fees. As is customary, fees are contingent upon case results, which means that fees are earned based upon case results. No fees are due or collected upfront, and any earned fees are taken out of any settlement or award after a client’s case is won or settled.

The Hutson Law Firm is not a “discount law firm.”

It does not employ discount attorneys. And the services and representation that its experienced attorney Randal Hutson provides to the firm’s clients are different than those that gimmicky “discount attorneys” or a “discount law firm” may provide. At The Hutson Law Firm, you will never have an inexperienced associate attorney work on your case. At The Hutson Law Firm, experienced accident attorney Randal Hutson will personally handle your accident injury case. Mr. Hutson is a top rated personal injury lawyer in Arizona and has a record of success. He focuses on injury cases and is an experienced trial lawyer. He also holds a Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution and has been published by the American Bar Association’s Section on Litigation.

No Gimmicks

Mr. Hutson believes that discounted attorneys fees are often a sales trick offered that yield either discounted case results and/or end before cases settle or enter litigation.  The Hutson Law Firm’s fees are customary and reasonable, and the representation provided to its clients is provided only by an experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer.