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Are you the victim of a dog bite?   If so, you may have a valid legal claim against the dog’s owner based upon the dog bite.

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Who is liable for a Dog Bite in Arizona?

In Arizona, dog owners are responsible for their dogs’ behavior, including dog bites, and they should be.  In addition to puncture wounds, lacerations, scarring and deformity, victims of dog bites suffer traumatic emotional injuries.  Sadly, some dogs have been trained to behave viciously and/or have not received proper care, and their owners should be held liable when their dog(s) attack..  When dogs bite in Arizona, injured victims are entitled to recover compensation for their medical expenses, loss wages, pain and suffering, and other damages from the dog’s owner.  An experienced personal injury attorney can help victims of dog bites prove their claims and demand the full amount for compensation that they are entitled to for their injuries.

What you should know about your rights as a Dog Bite Victim

In Arizona, the victim of a dog attack may be entitled to recover punitive damages from the dog’s owner, such as when owner has acted with an evil mind, which may be inferred where the owner “consciously disregarded the unjustifiable risk of harm to others.”  An evil mind may be inferred if a dog’s owner has trained their dog to bite and attack, which, in fact, results in a dog bite.  Continued retention of a dog that is known to be vicious also justifies an award of punitive damages.

Dog bite victims may also have a claim against a person who possesses a dog, or other domestic animal, if the owner knows or has reason to know the dog has dangerous propensities abnormal to its breed. Again, an example that comes to mind is a dog that has been taught to attack in order to inflict bodily harm and that does attack to inflict bodily harm and other personal injuries.

Dog bite claims must be timely filed. If a claim is filed too late, the dog bite victim will be prevented from pursuing his or her claim against the owner or person responsible for the dog. The time limitation differs depending on the facts and the legal theory that is being pursued. Therefore, a dog bite victim should contact an experienced personal injury attorney before it becomes too late to recover compensation.

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Attorney Randal Hutson and The Hutson Law Firm has successfully represented clients with serious dog bite claims.  He recognizes the severity of the injuries, bodily and emotional, that result from vicious dog attacks and recognizes that dog bite claims are not to be taken lightly. Each and every case Mr. Hutson handles is worked with commitment, competence, and purpose. The purpose of which is to help accident victims fully recover.

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